Christmas Selection eXpress

A Brief History

The Bedford Community Christmas Station assistance program, now called Christmas Selection eXpress, was our first endeavor as an organization in December of 2006. That first year, we were able to serve 262 families by providing Christmas gifts, household items, food, toys, and used coats.

Since 2008, eligible families have also been given opportunities to attend education workshops before their shopping appointment. Subjects include nutrition, personal finance, anxiety and depression, childcare, and more.

Each year since 2006 we have been honored to continue this program and have now assisted more than 4,000 families during the Christmas season. God has blessed this program from the beginning and is continuing to do so.


Recap of our 2020 Christmas Station eXpress (CSX)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things looked a little different this year than in years past. In order to ensure the safety of our clients and volunteers, our shopping schedule was reworked to limit the number of people in our building at the same time. Even with this change, those that were approved to receive assistance still had the opportunity to personally shop for their gifts in a safe environment.

We were honored to serve 234 Bedford County households that included 113 senior citizens and adults with disabilities and 394 children!

We also had 150 volunteers serve our clients during the three days of CSX. Some of these volunteers helped to set up the Christmas Station facility prior to CSX so our clients could enjoy their shopping experience. Others volunteered as escorts to guide our clients through the building as they selected their gifts. We also had volunteers who stayed outside to load cars and check-in clients as they arrived.

Be sure to check out our 2020 CSX photo gallery below!


Are you interested in volunteering to help during a future CSX?

The Christmas Station depends on volunteers to meet the needs of the community. In November and December, more than 150 volunteers are needed to screen applications, set up all departments, and serve eligible families during the Christmas Selection eXpress event.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering for this event:

Call: 540-586-0754
Tues./Wed. between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Send a message on our Facebook page


Check out our 2020 CSX Photo Gallery!


The Christmas Station all dressed up!

Some of our wonderful volunteers!

Our Toy Department

Our Teen Gifts Department

Our Teen Clothing Department

Our Senior Gifts Department

Each family was given a bag of Personal Care and Cleaning supplies

Our Infants Department

Our Household Goods Department

Our Girls Clothing Department

Our Boys Clothing Department

Each family could choose festive items from our Christmas Corner

Each family had the option of choosing a new or refurbished bike.

Our fully stocked CSX Food Pantry