Board of Directors

Bedford Community Christmas Station

Board of Directors 2021-2022


Lori Moorman (Co-President) –

We moved to Bedford from Tennessee in June of 2010 to begin cattle farming with family. My mother-in-law invited me to volunteer with her at the Christmas Station that December and so it began. I was very impressed with what I witnessed and described it as “organized chaos”, a term that is still very accurate. I joined the BCCS Board of Directors in the Spring of 2011. That first year, I agreed to partner with Patty Brown as a co-department head for boy’s clothing. Since then, I’ve served on all our committees, held the positions of Goods Committee Chair, Fundraising Committee Chair, Vice President, and am one of the Station Staffers.

I’m excited for what lies ahead for BCCS and all that we can accomplish for the service of our community using the wonderful assets, talents, experience, and time offered by our excellent team of Board members, Department Heads, Committee Chairs, and volunteers!

Patty Brown (Co-President)

I have been involved with the Bedford Community Christmas Station since it became an organization in March of 2006 and was one of the original board members. Previous to that time, I was involved with a group of staff members at the Bedford Library who had decided that instead of giving each other gifts at Christmas, we would put our money together to bless someone in need. We reached out to Social Services and were given the name of a child for whom we purchased Christmas gifts. In March of 2006, I received a letter from Karen Hughes asking me if I would consider attending a meeting with her and other folks who had participated with the Social Services program at Christmas.

When I got to the meeting, Karen presented her idea of creating a new Christmas assistance program in Bedford County that would provide items at Christmas time to low income households. This program would give the opportunity for these families to choose their gifts in a respectful and dignified manner. Everyone who was sitting around the table that day was in absolute agreement with Karen and the result became The Bedford Community Christmas Station, Inc.

Since 2006, I have served as co-department head of the boy’s clothing department. I also served over the years as head of public relations, board secretary, and on the fundraising, goods, and eligibility committees.

Vice President

Tonya Jefferson  |

Administrative Recording Secretary

Patricia Robinson  |

Finance Director

Linda Zimmerman |

Building Committee Chair

Kevin Turner  |

Eligibility Committee Chair

Jenifer Schier  |

Food Committee Co-Chairs

Kevin Turner |

Patricia Robinson  |

Fundraising Committee Co-chairs

Susan Raper  | 

Lynn Posid  |

Goods Committee Chair

Stephanie Coughlan  |

PR Committee Chair

Linda Zimmerman  |

Volunteer Coordinator Committee Chair

Peggy Thompson  |


Members at Large

Elaine Robertson, Margaret Anderson, Sharon Clark, Chrissy Brannan, and Sandy Mullins


Auxiliary Members

Janet Carter, Wanda Cooper, Lillie Coleman, Marian Kelly, Karen Lundergan, Joyce Voelker, and Patti Wilson