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Presidents Message

In 2016,

30 families selected Easter Goodies

39 students received back-to-school shoes

12 families were provided with an emergency food box

329 families came to the Christmas Station in December to choose toys, clothing, household items and food

129 volunteers contributed their time and efforts in November and December to purchase, sort, display, arrange, and distribute merchandise

So far, Bedford Community Christmas Station has served more than 3,400 families

What do these statistics mean to me?  They tell me that:

God is good!  This year, as in every year since 2006, I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the many blessings that God has showered on this program.

This is a COMMUNITY Program!  Each year, we are able to serve individuals and families in need due to the compassion, generosity, energy, efforts, and selflessness of:

Our Board, Committee Members, and Department Heads

Our year-round and seasonal volunteers –more than 150 people!

The patrons who come to our sidewalk sales, spaghetti dinners, art auction, craft booths and other fundraising events

The wonderful donors who contribute merchandise and/or funds

Those who help spread the word about our events and activities

Of course, Mr. Earl Childers, who makes year-round donations to take care of operational expenses

The support of our community helps us serve the needy of our community.

How awesome is that???!!!

Thanks so much for the donors, volunteers, advocates and prayer warriors who support us!

With best regards,

Karen Hughes, Board President

*Support our fundraisers.  See our calendar section for upcoming events!
Thank you for supporting Bedford Community Christmas Station!  
If you have any ideas, feedback, or questions, please call Karen Hughes @
540 492-0382

2017 Screening Schedule

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“Bedford Community Christmas Station  is set up like a department store, with sections for infants, girls clothing, boys clothing, teen clothing and gifts, toys, household items and food. All merchandise in the Christmas Station is new, with the exception of gently used coats that will be made available to any shopper that needs one. Each family that is accepted to shop at the Christmas Station also receives a box of food.”

Donors can send contributions to Bedford Community Christmas Station to
P.O. Box 1353 Bedford VA  24523.

Our Mission

“Bedford Community Christmas Station is an all-volunteer, community-wide, non-profit organization which assists low-income families in the Bedford Community on a seasonal basis by providing a shopping experience characterized by choice and dignity. Serving families with children is our highest priority.

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Fundraiser Updates:

April 29th - Spaghetti Dinner



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